Scilab for Image Processing & Computer Vision

Fundamental and Practical Hands-On with Scilab
Our IPCV module is base on famous OpenCV library, in which the power of both Scilab and OpenCV has been integrated to provide a quick solution for image processing and computer vision.
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Scilab for Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition and The Hidden Markov Model with Scilab
The extension of the signal processing allows us to perform speech recognition with Scilab. It allows fast development due to the simple programming syntax of Scilab.
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Scilab for Kalman Filtering

image filkterarduino

Practical Use of Kalman Filter with Scilab, Arduino and Webcam

Learn how to design your kalman filter with Scilab, and test the results with hardward such as Arduino Uno and Webcam!

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Interfacing with Hardware from Scilab to Arduino

arduino image

Combining the Power of Open Source Software and Hardware with Scilab  

Scilab and Arduino are the famous open source software and hardware respectively. Combining the power of both makes the teaching, research and engineering work more efficient. 
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Scilab for the Internet of Things


Exploring How Scilab Could Be Used for IOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wide topic and this course would help the participants to learn the big pictures by using the open source software. 

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Numerical Methods with Scilab


Practical Implementation of Scilab for Numerical Methods

Using open source Scilab for numerical methods studies and researches prepared the students for better job market competitiveness.

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Scilab for Digital Control

DCS and State Variable Methods for Conventional and Intelligent Control

Scilab provides standard algorithms and tools for control system study.

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Learning Support Vector Machines (SVM) Using SCILAB


Theory and Applications of Support Vector Machines (SVM) Using SCILAB

Support Vector Machines is an important topic in machine learning. The development of SVMs involved sound theory first, then implementation and experiments.

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Java Interaction Mechanism in Scilab


Expanding the Power of Scilab with JAVA Libraries

Scilab could interface with other languages and this makes it more powerful and effective.

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Digital Signal Processing using Scilabimage001

A comprehensive tools for digital signal processing

Scilab provides tools to visualize, analyze and filter signals in time and frequency domains. 

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