Python for Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image Processing and Computer Vision with Python-OpenCV – From Desktop to Raspberry Pi

Starting from Image Processing in our PC, we will move towards the implementation of Computer Vision in Raspberry Pi!

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“Building a computer vision system with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is easy followin this training...

Course Synopsis



Computer vision is a domain dealing with how computers can be used to understand digital images or videos, and this has been applied to automate tasks that the human visual system can do.

Computer vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, by extracting information from the images and perform decisions making.

This training covers from digital image processing to computer vision with Python with OPENCV binding, and at the end of the training, we would build a simple computer vision system with Raspberry Pi!

Course Objectives

This is a hands-on application course that provides step-by-step description while concentrating on useful tips and tricks to image processing and computer vision. Participants will be introduced to various algorithms through practical sessions with plenty of Python code examples and exercises for real-world applications, including the implementation in Raspberry Pi.


Who Must Attend

Lecturers, students, programmers, developers, engineers and simply anyone who would like to work on computer vision for their projects are encouraged to attend the course.



Candidates must have experience with any programming language, preferably and with knowledge image processing.


Course Outline

Day 1:

Introduction to OpenCV With Python

  • Why Python and OpenCV
  • A Quick Walkthrough on Installation in Windows and Linux

Fundamental of Images Processing and Computer Vision

  • Image Representation in Python
  • Importing and Exporting Images
  • What Is Image Pixel and What Does the Value Means
  • Converting Image Between Data Classes and Image Types
  • Image Processing Vs Computer Vision

Source of Images, From Files, Video and Camera

  • Importing Image from Files
  • Importing Video to Python
  • Acquiring Image from USB Webcam to Python
  • Viewing the Acquired Image

Image Enhancement and Image Filtering

  • Adjusting Image Intensity
  • Enhancing Images Using Arithmetic Operations
  • Correcting Image Alignment
  • Cropping and Resizing Images
  • Image Convolution and Correlation
  • Image Filtering

Image Feature Detection, Extraction and Matching

  • Image Thresholding
  • Edge Detection
  • Morphological Segmentation
  • Color-Based Image Segmentation
  • Feature Detection and Image Matching

Day 2:

Image Recognition with Deep Neural Network

  • Importing Pretrained Deep Neural Network
  • Using DNN For Image Recognition Task
  • Implementing Image Recognition with Webcam

Moving Computer Vision Program into Raspberry Pi

  • Implementing Real-Time Frames of Images Processing in Raspberry Pi
  • Implementing Real-Time Object Detection in Raspberry Pi

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