Scilab for Real-time Control


Real-time Control System Design, Analysis & Implementation with Scilab/Xcos

 Using the hardware to make the class more fun! This could be achieved by  Scilab/Xcos with other addons to make the interfacing to the physical world.


Modeling Dynamic Systems with Xcos

Graphical programming for Modeling and Simulation 

Xcos is a graphical editor to design hybrid dynamical systems models. We could use the model for simulation as well as the code generation to test the actual physcial systems.

Scilab : Complete Learning Experience

A Comprehensive Course for Programming with Scilab

A good foundation is important to migrate to open source solutions. Knowing what is required before jumping into the open source would save a lot of time for path finding.

Creating Innovative GUI using Scilab

Building GUIs for A Better Presentation And Interaction With the Users

A good impression of a software is usually tied to a good graphical user interface.


Artificial Intelligence with Scilab

 Scilab for Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic

Start your first artifical intelligence journey by learning how to use Scilab and modules for neural network and fuzzy logic. 


Control Systems Design with Scilab & Xcos

Scilab for Control System Analysis and Design, With Both Coding and Graphical Programming Approach

Getting started with Scilab for control systems design allows us to save more instead of using expensive software, and it could be freely used in industry as well!

Signals and Systems with Scilab


An Introduction to Signals and Systems form the Scilab Approach

Study of engineering signals and systems from a open source software approach. It is a fundamental starting point in the field of engineering.

Numerical Computation and Visualization with Scilab



Explore How A Free Open Source Could Help In Computation and Visualization

Open source software become more and more important and famous in recent years. Explore how the Scilab could change our way of working to increase our productivity.

Scilab for Medical Image Analysis

medicimage main

Analyze Medical Images with Scilab

Analysing medical images with Scilab AIVP module, which is complimentary with attending this training. You will learn how to build the GUI for loading and showing the medical images in this training as well.

Scilab for Data Mining
dataminimage icon
Process, Analyse and Visualize Data with Scilab

Scilab provides tools for data mining purposes, from the connections to the databases to the analysis tools and visualisation tools. 

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