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Raspberry Pi:
A quick prototyping on Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi and Scilab

Training Information and Outline

Date: 28-29 September 2017 @Trity Technologies, Puchong, Selangor

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(select Computer Vision with Raspberry Pi & Scilab)

We will give away (limited units of) Raspberry Pi hardware and gadgets for your continuous development after the training.


The main focus of this training is to work on computer vision algorithms with the open source software Scilab and implement them onto the Raspberry Pi.

By taking the advantage of the power of OpenCV, we develop a Scilab module for your image processing and computer vision needs. The use is simpler with the easy-to-learn Scilab syntax.

This course focuses on the theory and practical hands-on of using Scilab and working with the Raspberry Pi 3. 

Who Should Attend
Anyone who would like to embrace computer vision by making use of the Raspberry Pi, engineers, researchers and scientists and alike for their application and interests.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) 
Our courses may be submitted to HRDF for SBL claims. Kindly check with your Human Resource Department or Training Unit.  Alternatively, we could also assist to advise you on your HRDF application.

Training Outline

  • Introduction 
    • Overview of Raspberry Pi
    • Overview of Scilab
    • RaspPi + Scilab + OpenCV for Computer Vision
    • How Pi Sees images

  • Working with Images
    • Importing image from pictures
    • Acquiring image from usb webcam
    • Viewing the acquired image
    • Image pixel and its' values
    • Converting image between Data Classes and Image Types

  • Fundamental of Image Processing
    • Converting Colour to Grayscale
    • Adjusting image intensity
    • Enhancing images using arithmetic operations
    • Correcting image alignment
    • Cropping and resizing images
    • Converting Grayscale to Binary
  • Filtering Images
    • Image convolution and correlation
    • Spatial domain filtering
    • Frequency domain filtering
  • Feature Extraction
    • Image thresholding
    • Edge detection
    • Radon transform
    • Morphological segmentation
  • Color-based Image Processing
    • Procesing RGB Images
    • Color space conversion
  • RaspPi GPIO from Scilab
    • Control GPIO on Raspberry Pi with Scilab
  • Mini Project 1 - Objects Counting
    • Counting preferred objects

  • Mini Project 2 - Motion Detection
    • Object existence detection

  • Mini Project 3 - Machines Learning
    • Object identification with neural network
    • Decision making and controlling external devices

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