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Digital Image Processing:
A Practical Hands-on with Scilab 
Training Information & Outline

Date: 27-28 November 2017 @Trity Technologies, Puchong Selangor

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Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. As a subfield of digital signal processing, digital image processing has many advantages over analogue image processing; it allows a much wider range of algorithms to be applied to the input data, and can avoid problems such as the build-up of noise and signal distortion during processing.

This two-day course provides a fundamental concepts and techniques for digital image processing and the software principles used in their practical implementation. The material will be illustrated with numerous examples of practical significance.

Come and participate in this training program to prepare yourself in dealing  with images. Join us today!
Who Should Attend
This training is suitable for participants, particularly for engineers, researchers, scientists, and academicians who want to use or plan to use image processing and to learn the fundamental knowledge of image processing

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)
Our courses may be submitted to HRDF for SBL claims. Kindly check with your Human Resource Department or Training Unit.  Alternatively, we could also assist you in your application.

Course Objectives
This is a hands-on application course that provides concepts and techniques for digital image processing and software principles use in their practical implementations. The materials will be illustrated with numerous examples of practical significance.

Course Outline

Fundamental of Images Processing
Image representation in Scilab

Importing and exporting images

Displaying the image with Scilab

What is image pixel and what does the value means

Converting image between Data Classes and Image Type

Image Characteristics

Source of Images, from Pictures, Video and Camera

Importing image from pictures
Importing video to Scilab
Acquiring image from usb webcam to Scilab
Viewing the acquired image

Image Enhancement
Adjusting image intensity: Histogram stretching, equalization, adjustment
Enhancing images using arithmetic operations: Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division
Correcting image alignment: Rotating images, Affine Transform, Perspective Transform
Cropping and resizing images

Filtering Images
Bock processing: Definition, Distinct block operations, Sliding neighborhood operations
Image convolution and correlation
Spatial domain filtering
Frequency domain filtering
Region of interest processing

Image Restoration
Reducing noise: Modeling noise, Filtering noise
Deblurring images
Correcting background illumination

Image Feature Extraction
Image thresholding
Edge detection: Edge detection function, Radon transform
Morphological segmentation: Structuring element, Dilation and erosion, Measuring region properties
Color-based image segmentation

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